Creative Ways to Save and Recycle Paper

For many of us being green is becoming a way of life, many of us are always wanting to either reuse as much as we can or recycle as much as we can.

A great way to catch the buzz of the reuse/recycle world is to start with the simplest item we all use daily.  Paper.  Newspaper can be quite useful before it needs to be recycled.  Because of how thin the sheets are, it biodegrades nicely, so this makes it a little nicer on the environment.  Plus being made out of trees is a plus.  (Silly moment, couldn't resist)  Newspaper can be used to help clean windows, be used to save a surface for children's projects and heck you can even use it to line a whole for new plants.  This helps give the plants a little time before they might have to start fighting for territory from other plants.

Regular paper is another story, because of its thick quality, it is a bit harder to recycle in this manner.  So, before its time to send it to the recycling bin, lets try and get a few more uses out of that single sheet.  Depending on the space you have here are some creative ways to hide those sheets of paper.  Let's start with the first question.  Do you have a lot or a little paper to store?  A little, okay, then keeping it neatly stacked in a bin on your desk should do nicely.  You can pick up a paper bin at any office supply location or even your nearest super center for about $3.00 and up but, the objective with this, is to keep it nice and tidy.  This may be difficult for some folks.  If you have a decent amount of paper that you plan to reuse, why not find an old suitcase.  You can add some fun decorations to the outside of it to jazz it up.  Set it somewhere in your office as a decoration.  When you need a sheet or two pop open your suit case, take out what you need.  Can't find one, why not get an accordion file, these are reasonably inexpensive and can be found at a number of stores as well.  Given their nature, you can also decorate them up to make them look like a functional piece on your desk.  With the different organizing pockets you can even organize the sheets by color, size, type and more.

If you want to go out on a whacky step, got a small pizza box, the size of a normal small size pizza from one of the local delivery places.  First clean out the box and rid it of any left over cheese.  On the outside you can decorate it in a few simple and quick ways.  First, you can simply paint the entire box your favorite color or a color you might have on hand.  Yes, this includes using spray paint as well.  Use what you have on hand I always say.  After the paint drys, glue on some buttons or other fun and crazy little items to jazz it up.  For the inside, you can line the inside with some fun wrapping paper, or paint the inside as well, this will hide any stains that might be on the box itself.  Now find a home for your new paper collector.  You will need to find a good home for this project.  If you have a lot of paper, you may need a lot of pizza boxes, which gives you room for even more creativity.  For example, painting the boxes to match the color of paper inside, actually labeling the end of the box to make it look like a big book.  Another way to decorate the boxes, use wrapping paper, you can have a lot of fun getting creative with wrapping paper.  If you reuse wrapping paper like many people do, this is a great use of the scraps that you don't think will last much longer, simply glue/decoupage the paper to the box.  This will give it a shiny and classy looking surface.

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Posted on Aug 7, 2011