Decorate Your Own Tiki Bar

A tiki Bar is an artifact of “Tiki” culture, often of Mid 20th Century origin, wherein you can enjoy a momentary escape from the cares of modern world into a Neo-Polynesian setting. Your tiki bar can be either placed outside or even inside, depending on the atmosphere you wish to create.  See below on how to decorate your tiki bar to create the ultimate Polynesian feel.

Let your tiki bar have a "tiki open" sign to declare it as a fun space. These are available at many online stores and should be fairly easy to acquire or get creative and make one yourself.  One way to spice up the look of your bar is to add signs which say "beach" or "surfboard," anything that gives it a fun setting.

Hang tiki lights around the roof of the hut. These lights can be as colorful as you like or bamboo to match the bar itself. I'd suggest going for the more colorful lights as it would bring drama to your bar. If you have a back wall built in make certain to hang lights along the top to continue the lively theme, too!

Tropical images of hula girls or surfers are perfect additions to your tiki hut. This is where your unique style can come in... you decide and let your creativeness shine! Choose vintage pictures if you prefer or modern travel posters. The sky is the limit as to what you can find to decorate your bar with. Add palm fronds to the walls or display in a vase to continue the island look.

Other items you can include for your bar are: Tiki totems, tiki masks, colorful parrot knick-knacks and miniature moai carvings are very popular. They work nicely as wall hangings or table pieces.

Each corner of your hut can be brightly lit with a fantastic tiki torch. These come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your preference. For an even more dramatic look include strategically placed tiki torch lights on the path up to your make; this will make it pop!

To complete your bar, you can add fun bar ware with a tropical theme. Bright colored margarita glasses, coconut cups, and of course paper drink umbrellas! Add the finishing touch with candles displayed in tropical themed holders to light up your night.

No matter what you're decorating -- remember always have fun and make your personal style fit and create the mood you desire!


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