Easy and Quick Easter Cards

These are easy and quick Easter cards to make, using recycled materials. Perfect for sending to aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents!

Everyone is very busy, and most don’t have time or money to spend on cards for family and friends. Many people have kids, and they take up all the spare time. All we get in the mail is bills and junk mail. Easter cards aren’t sent as much as Christmas cards; that just means that the cards they get will be a welcome surprise! They’ll also be amazed at your crafting expertise, as well.

These cards are perfect for Easter! They’re versatile, so you can change them to suit your taste and available materials. These are perfect for kids, too! Family members would love to receive cards from their grandkids or cousins.  These are also perfect for your kids to make for their teachers.



shredded paper/Easter basket grass

cardboard hearts/eggs

hot glue gun

For the cards I used recycled “Thank You” cards from my wedding; the nest covers the words on the front. You can also buy packs of blank cards at a craft store, or make your own from cardstock. Just fold the cardstock in half and cut out decent sized cards.

The Easter grass you probably are buying for baskets already. You can use precut hearts or eggs, or cut your own. You can even use cereal boxes to make colorful eggs – just trace an oval on the back of it, and cut it out! Kids can draw hearts or eggs, using markers and crayons to make stripes on the cardstock that you cut out.

These cards only take about 10 minutes, depending on how many you’re making. Pre-make the nests – take a small amount of grass and turn it in your hands so it makes an oval. Over newspaper or a table that you don’t mind if glue gets on it, put glue on the card that’s the size of the nest. Place the nest on the card, using extra bits of glue to hold down bits you missed. If your kids are making the cards, have them use white glue or you wield the hot glue gun for them. Just remember that the white glue will take a lot longer to dry. Then use scissors to trim off the long and wayward pieces of nest.

Then you add the heart! Just put a bit of glue on the back, and nestle it in the middle of the nest. You’ll have a perfect card to send off! Just remember that you might have to use a larger envelope because the nest makes the card a lot thicker. 

Happy Easter!

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