Fun Ways to Wrap Gifts

It's always fun to come up with new ideas when it comes to wrapping those special gifts.  Each gift needs a special touch to make it extra special for the receiver.

Over the years I have found several very useful ways to wrap gifts and let me tell you they look fabulous and keep everyone smiling when they see the creativity.

Baby showers are the most fun to wrap for.  With all the wonderful bright colors and all the great stuff we like to give the new mom to be, why not have fun with wrapping those gifts as well.

  1. Wrap with a receiving blanket.  You will need a receiving blanket of course, so choose one that you really like.  Depending on the size of the gift, you may need to use more than on blanket.  If you need to use tape to hold in in place on the package that's fine.  Position the blanket like you would to wrap like you would with paper.  This will get a  little tricky.  Pull the blanket up along the edges, using decorative diaper pins, pin the sections.  This will keep your wrapping firmly around the package.  If you would like a decorative accent on the gift, you can use a normal ribbon or, take a cute little toy, lace curling ribbon through our around the toy to secure it in place.  The wrapping can then be kept and used later on for the new baby.

If you have a larger gift you can use two blanket to wrap your gift.  This works pretty well when using the decorative baby pins.  If the mother chooses to use cloth diapers, you can now find them in a rainbow of different colors, you can also use these to wrap your special gift.

For the music lover in your life

  1. Find old sheet music at a yard sale.  The pages work great to wrap cds cassette tapes or you can attach several together with some tape and create a sheet of paper big enough to wrap the gift.
  2. Posters of the gift receivers favorite muscian or music group, the folds create a unique look for the gift.  It is really neat when the receiver recoginizes who the artist is.

Bridal shower gift

This is the time when the bride is receiving all of the interesting and fun gifts, but at times she will receive practical gifts as well.

  1. If you choose to give a supply of kitchen utensils, keep the wrapping simple, wrap them in decorative kitchen towel, if you choose to tie a ribbon around them, you could use a wooden spoon, small whisk or some other small utensil as a decorative touch on the outside.
  2. Place settings for the new bride, why not wrap them in cloth place mats.  you can wrap with ribbon and use napkin ring holders as a decorative touch, you will be amazed at some of the very pretty an ornamental napkin ring holders that are available.  You can go wild with these.

A beach gift.

Have a friend that loves the beach, why not wrap their gift in a great beach towel, there are so many fantastic colors out there for beach towels, you can have tons of fun with this.  For this one you can also use cute decorative pins to hold the fabric closed, wrap with a ribbon and then tie with a pair of sunglasses and a shovel.

What ever you decide to do for the gifts you give, let your imagination run.


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