How to Make a Little Folded Paper Kite

This article contains instructions to make a simple, cheap, and easy kite from one piece of copy paper.

You will need:

One piece of 20lb. or 24lb. bond paper, 81/2 by 11 inches, any color

Plastic flagging tape or crepe paper streamer

Two toothpicks (optional) 


Kite string

Glue or rubber cement, and tape,

A ruler

Construction of the kite

Select the color paper you prefer. If you want to draw or color the kite, be careful not to crease the paper. Do not use paint or markers that cause the paper to become moist.

Make a sharp crease vertically down the center of the paper. Make a similar horizontal crease three-and-a-half inches from the top of the paper. The vertical crease will be the spine of the kite. The horizontal crease will define the wing spread of the kite.

Three-quarters of an inch from each side of each crease you will make another crease. Begin with the vertical crease and make the new crease in the opposite direction of the first one. The next vertical crease will match the second one. This creates the spine.

Unfold the kite and return to the wing crease. Three-quarters of an inch above and below the crease make new creases in the reverse direction from the first.

Hold the paper with the first horizontal crease folded, and carefully cut along the vertical crease three-quarters of an inch so that your cut stops at the horizontal crease. Turn the scissors so that you cut along the vertical crease and stop at horizontal creases leaving the flap you have just cut still attached.

Unfold the kite and lay it flat on your work space. Apply a small amount of glue or rubber cement to the creases. Carefully fold the center vertical crease together being careful to attach the flap so that the spine is created by the fold.

Close the crease of the wings in the same way. Cut off the corners of the nose of the kite and save them. Refer to the illustration below.

Fold the corner so that you can cut a square from it, and fold the square in half. Cut a notch in the square. In the crease of the square across the notch place some glue or rubber cement, and place the toothpick on the crease. Fold the square together so that the toothpick is secured in the crease. Do not let the bottom edges stick together. Cut the hinge so that it will fit over the spine. Place glue or rubber cement on the edges and put this hinge on the bridge of the spine so that it is held firmly. Repeat this process with the other square and toothpick. Place it on the trailing edge of the kite spine.

For a simpler construction, use the square to make the hinge and secure the spine without the toothpick. Use a paper-punch to make a hole just below the intersection of the spine and the wings. Punch another hole on the trailing edge of the spine.

To make a harness you will need about 15 inches of string. Attach one end at each of the toothpicks or the holes you made. Hold the kite by the string and adjust it until the kite hangs at about a 45º angle to the floor. Make a loop in the string. Attach your line through this loop.

Make a tail by folding a 10 ft. piece of flagging tape in half. Attach it to the back of the kite with clear tape.


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