How to Make a Cookbook

Many people read cookbooks or refer to recipes both online and in writing which is why making your own cookbook for either personal use or as a gift can be something that you would like to do. If you have a list of all your favorite recipes or meals that you make more often than others you may want to make your own cookbook to have all your recipes in one place.

Cookbooks make wonderful gifts for family or friends. It is very easy to make your own cookbook or to create a cookbook for sale as well. You will need a word program like Microsoft Word to get started. If you wish to make your word document into a PDF you will also need software called Adobe or any other kind of software that you can find for free to convert your Word document to a PDF. You can find free software programs by going to and searching.

First, you will need a list of all the recipes you would like to include in your cookbook. For each recipe type out the name of the dish, the ingredients, the directions, the serving size, the estimated time it may take to prepare the meal and any additional notes or directions that you may wish to include. You may also want to include a picture of the dish, either one you have taken or a free picture you've found online. Be sure to ask if it's okay to use any pictures online first and be sure to give credit if you use someone else's picture. You may also want to include a cover page and a table of contents which will precede all of the recipes for your cookbook.

Once you have the cover page, the table of contents and all the recipes typed out you can either use the Microsoft Word document as your book and print it out on paper and then have it binded or you can convert it to a PDF to make it an e-book. If you choose to convert it to a PDF you will need Adobe or some other kind of software or program which will allow you to convert it. It is very simple to convert from a Word document to Adobe PDF. There should be a button at the top of the Microsoft Word document if you have Adobe that says "Adobe PDF", click on it and then press "Convert to Adobe PDF". Once you click this button it will take a few minutes to convert the Word document over to a PDF. If you are going to create an e-book, it is a good idea to make it a PDF because it is more secure so someone cannot alter or copy what you have created. You could also print the PDF version and create a book by binding the pages together after printing. You could print your cookbook at home with your own printer or take it to Fedex/Kinko's for printing and binding.

As you can see it is very simple to make a cookbook. Making a cookbook is very inexpensive and doesn't take much time either. Cookbook's can be passed down to family members or given as gifts to friends or family. Many people have recipes that are scattered around and unorganized, this would make a great gift for someone who would like all their favorite recipes in one book.

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