Make Fun & Unique Greeting Cards

Make a home made card with that special touch

Have you noticed every time you walk into the greeting card store everything is duplicated over and over again.  Then there is the high price have you ever notices, come cards cost as much as $10 for one little card.  Okay maybe because it plays music, but really why pay that when you can come up with a creative way.

Card of Inspiration!

So you want to make your own greeting cards but you don't know where to start.  Well, there are some great sources that you can use for inspiration or to even use to make your cards with.  The first place to look is the funny pages of your newspaper.  There are always so many great and funny cartoons that can give you just the right spark you need.

Look into some poetry.  There are many great poems that are out there, some make great inspirational pieces for the front of the card or even for maybe part of the inside of the card.  Make sure though if you use a poem on your card that you put the author's name at the end of the poem.  This will help the person receiving the card know where the poetry came from.  They may be inspired to pick up a copy of one of the author's books. 

Find a book of quotes or look online for some quotes, there are many famous quotes out there, it simply takes research.  Think of someone that has inspired you over the years and see what quotes you can locate from that particular person. 

Do you have young children?  Look at their artwork from school to help you find the perfect design.  For that matter, use their artwork to help you design your card, share their artwork with family and friends by using their pieces to create your greeting cards.

Supplies, supplies, supplies oh and did I say supplies!

There are lots of supplies that you can use and you will need to create the best greeting cards ever.  There are of course certain supplies that you absolutely need to create your cards and others that well, it is up to you how much work you want to put into the cards. 

Let's get started on the list of items that you will need and then we will take a look at other items that may help your cards to really pop.

The definite list-

Card stock, construction paper, fancy computer paper (to create envelopes with),  scissors, ruler, pencil, glue stick, markers, color pencils, water color paints

That's right there is the definite items that you can use.  Yes, if you enjoy using rubber stamps, by all means go for it, but, you don't need them.  Try and come up with your own designs it can be more fun and the challenge is always good for the soul.  There are quite a few machines out there that help the process move along a lot faster, but, this can get rather expensive.  Why pay out more money if you don't have to. 

The little things that add even more to your cards!

There is a lot of little things that you can use to add that special additional touch to your hand crafted cards.  The important thing to remember is the items can't be too bulky, otherwise it could cause problems when you try to mail out your cards. 

The additional list, only if you feel inspired to go the extra mile-

Buttons, ribbon, stickers, scrapbooking items, cut outs of cartoons, other characters, yarn, felt, other pieces of fabric, sequence, glitter, glitter glue.

This list is only an example to help get you started.  Remember anything goes as long as it is small enough and can be incorporated to the design of your card. 

Time to design!

Now let's get down to business.  First thing you need to do is think about the types of cards that you want to make.  There are a lot of cards that we use through out the year, anniversaries, birthdays (this is the big one), weddings, baby showers, wedding showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, graduations, thank you cards, etc.

Start off with the one that seems the easiest to knock out.  Many feel it is the standard thank you card.  Typically you will leave the inside of the card blank.  However, it is all about the design on the outside.  Remember you don't have to say just "Thank You" on the outside of the card.  You can go the extra mile and design something for example maybe a beautiful butterfly or a flower on the front of the card. 

Using the extra bobbles and ribbon can really add an additional touch, for example, if you have a hole punch you can actually make a design around the edges of the card, then thread a ribbon through the holes to add a small touch of color to your over all design.  This of course depends on how much time and work, you truly would like to put into the cards that you are creating. 

If you are trying to make a one of a kind unique funny card for a birthday or other event, by all means reach for those funny pages from the news paper.  You can cut out a section or how about just one of the characters to put on your card.  You can have for example Blondie shouting out Happy Birthday or Dagwood looking like he is munching on the words Happy Birthday like a big sandwich. 

Always remember when you are creating your own cards, the sky is the limit and you have no boundries. Well okay, there are some boundries, but they are minor, the main being that you have to be careful what you put on the outside of the card so that it doesn't add to much bulk for mailing purposes. 

What about envelopes?!

So you have now made your first card and you need an envelope for it to be placed in.  Well, you can't use a standard envelope of course, so why not make your own.  There are several ways that you can perform this.  First check the internet for various sizes and templates for envelopes.  Create smaller cards that will fit in the standard size envelopes for letters or business envelopes.  This of course can be a pain.  Or wing it and come up with your own envelope. 

The basics-

Creating an envelope can be tricky but simple at the same time.  So let's get started.  First grab a sheet of paper that you would like to use for your envelope, it is best to use some of the computer paper that has a design or is a specific shade to create your envelope.  Place the card that you have made in the center of the paper.  Using a pencil, trace around the card.  You will want to have about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch around the outside, this will give you enough room to glue on the flaps and be able to slide the card into the envelope.  Now its time to create the flaps that will hold your card inside the envelope.  A good way to get the right size, would be to carefully take apart a normal envelope to see how far in the flaps go to meet, etc.  This is a good way to develope a template for yourself.  You can then have it for the next time that you do a similar sized card.  Once you have created the flaps, you will then need to glue them in their appropriate places and then let the envelope dry.

Now you are set and ready to give out your hand made card.  Remember that all it takes is time and a little imagination to come up with something that you can give from the heart. 

It is true that you can still give a regular card from the heart with words from someone else, but it means a little more when you take the time to do the work to create somethig special


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